My Views On ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence


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If you’re in the world of business, I’d take a guess and say you’ve already heard of ChatGPT. If you haven’t, take a minute to have a quick google, and be prepared to have your breath taken!

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm, and the debate of how to use it effectively for the benefit of your business seems to develop even further every day.

It’s certainly a hot topic in our office too! There’s a great deal of opportunity available to businesses should they learn how to leverage ChatGPT effectively – ‘effectively’ being a keyword. Nobody is quite sure what that looks like yet, as the technology is in its infancy.

As a General Manager, I have my own views on how ChatGPT can be used in business, and what its impact will be. I’ll share some actionable advice on this for you now, including some food for thought about the pros and cons of technology like this.  

Why ChatGPT matters?

Firstly, if you’re in a leadership role, don’t ignore ChatGPT – this isn’t going to be a passing trend. Now is the time to be tuning into its capabilities, and how it can be used to leverage your business.

The reason this activity will matter to you now is because, by acting now, you can keep yourself ahead of the curve. As time goes by, those companies that gambled early could have themselves a competitive edge over their competition. Also, what’s there to lose by giving it a try? Even its free version has the potential to be revolutionary, as its paid model is simply a case of enhanced access, not capabilities per se. 

The role of ChatGPT in your business is up to you. From my own personal experiences with the technology however, I can make a case for many departments benefiting from it. But, take heed, because it’s by no means perfect, and I will share some of my observations about this.

The Merits of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has wowed users with the depth of its functionality, swift responses, and ability to disrupt the market, making people take notice and understand the true potential of technology in business. Here are just a handful of ways I can see it being used.  

Struggling to get that initial idea spark? ChatGPT could well prove to be your best friend in this instance. If you get your keywords correct, the technology will swiftly pick up your brief, and add a bit of creative spark to proceedings. 

Its responses are instantaneous too, in a way that only artificial intelligence can wow you with. We’re all well averse to the power of technology, but there’s something truly special about when it unveils itself right in front of you. 

What’s more, it’s seamlessly adaptable across multiple business functions, making it one of your most adaptable friends in business. There aren’t many questions that ChatGPT can’t provide an answer to, and it’s as adept in literacy as it is numeracy. 

The Drawbacks of ChatGPT

I realise that I’ve made a marvelous case for ChatGPT so far, that may come across as a little biased! However, I do have my own reservations, and there are certainly drawbacks to the use of ChatGPT. Some of these drawbacks are practical, and some of them are cultural, too, from the perspective of setting the right tone in your business and they shouldn’t be overlooked in the quest for short term wins.

If you take a scroll through the #chatgpt hashtag, you won’t have to scroll very far to find a clever clogs highlighting its infallibility. While it doesn’t exactly blow a hole straight through its functionality, it should be something you make a note of – don’t completely hang your hat on it. There have been examples of glaring errors, and as such might not be the best place to guarantee the most factual of information. 

We’re also blessed to have the presence of over 7 billion problem solvers available to us – also known as humans! And while, of course, ChatGPT can solve base level problems for you in an instant, it can’t go a great deal further than that. Humans will remain your greatest asset, which leads me on to the more ethical aspects about the technology.

Firstly, if you think it will replace your human workforce, you’re using it wrong. Completely wrong. But, I have no doubt that we will read stories in the future of businesses choosing to do exactly that. My advice? Don’t be one of them, and cherish the hard working people around you who will be the true ticket to elevating your brand. Technology and humans should be working hand in hand, rather than competing with one another for reasons such as profit margins.


ChatGPT & Your Business

While ChatGPT is in its infancy, the firepower it can provide your business when used in the right way could well be something that gives you a competitive edge in your current position. It is worth noting, however, that the free show is over, as there’s now a subscription fee you’ll have to pay to access the artificial intelligence tool at peak times of $20 per month. Whether you think it’s worth it or not is your call!

Nonetheless, I believe that ChatGPT has its role to play in business – even in its current state. I believe that the businesses that get a fast grip on understanding its scope, capability, and alignment with business objectives, are the businesses that will benefit the most.

As an entrepreneur, too, we’re always here to support and advise should implementing this artificial intelligence tool be top of your priority list. Reach out to our team and we’d love to chat (GPT…sorry).