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Shaping success stories in the UAE’s business landscape for over a decade, Set Hub embarked on this journey with a singular vision – to redefine business consultancy through transparency, expertise, and unwavering commitment. Exceeding expectations has been our norm. Our success is more than calendar years, it’s about the 25,000 unique clients we’ve served. Each client brings a distinct entrepreneurial journey, making Set Hub a part of their unique stories. Fueling our success is our incredible team of over 80 members, proficient in 23+ languages, bringing a global perspective to every client interaction. At Set Hub, we strictly adhere to official government rates, guaranteeing a zero-hidden-fees approach. Our 96% customer satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to excellence, also seen in the personalised and reliable services we offer. Based in the UAE, Set Hub’s influence transcends borders. We envision Set Hub as the trusted partner for businesses, navigating the complexities of company setup, taxation, banking, and beyond. Our journey is a continuous evolution, paving the way for a future where every entrepreneur finds unparalleled success, unburdened by the complexities of business endeavours.

Our Vision

To be the business setup consultants of choice for all entrepreneurs in search of the best value and service.
Business Setup Consultants in UAE
Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Our Mission

To provide superior and dynamic support and enable entrepreneurs everywhere to bring their ideas to life and set up their businesses efficiently at an affordable cost.

Our Values


Warm and genuine, we look at our relationships as everlasting and will always go the extra mile to tackle any problem given to us.

Spirited nature

Beyond hard working-just because we enjoy the work. We’re confident, positive, active, passionate. The higher the bar, the better the game.


Its all about keeping it fresh. Some people call it speed: others agility. For us, it’s a youthful mindset that looks beyond labels and boxes to find solutions that work.


We have years of experience, success stories and long lasting relationships with employees and customers and have put them all at the forefront of our brand.


We believe in directness and stating things the way they are with no sugar coating. It is fair, honourable & honest & can only reflect positively on all parties in the long run.

Customer centric

We always aim to be customer first, reliable and empowering. We understand the complexity of our industry and would not want anyone to feel alienated.


We strive to nurture our skills and the skills of those who interact with us. Its our duty to evolve the craft and knowledge around it after all the experience we’ve gathered.


We believe in diversity. It helps us see things in a new light. Positivity is an air we carry. If it doesn’t work well, we make it work. The best ideas thrive in contrasting environments

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