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Residency & Tourist Visa

For a hassle-free visa process

Designed for seamless transitions to the UAE, our services transform visas into keys, unlocking boundless opportunities. Whether it’s a Golden Visa or a multi-year residency, Set Hub streamlines the process, creating a smooth pathway to a vibrant future for those aiming to work, study, retire, or explore.

Medical & Emirates ID

Get your residency essentials with ease
Securing your UAE residency requires mandatory health insurance and an Emirates ID. At Set Hub, we simplify this crucial process, taking care of the paperwork, and appointment scheduling. We also offer pickup and drop-off services, ensuring a smooth journey to acquiring your residency essentials.

Car Rental Assistance

Top-notch car rental services
Set Hub simplifies your car rental experience in the UAE, ensuring access to the best services in the region. Whether you’re a corporate professional, entrepreneur, or tourist, Set Hub takes on the administrative burdens, allowing you to enjoy the stunning views and embrace the convenience of exploring the emirates at your own pace.

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