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Business Setup Costs

A business plan and business setup costs go hand in hand – and, when business planning, finances feature heavily in determining just how much potential your new idea has.

However, amongst the excitement of entrepreneurship and the big dreams of making your business dreams a reality, one can easily forget to dive into the detail.

Step in, the Set Hub Cost Calculator, a brand new tool to support entrepreneurs in obtaining a full and accurate overview of their finances. This easy to use, streamlined and precise calculator will provide you with full oversight over the financials required to set up your business, before you take the first step towards launching. By knowing the numbers behind your business set up, you can create a precise plan for the future of your new venture, and move forward with complete clarity. 

The best thing about it, too? Your costs will be confirmed in under 1 minute! There are also exclusive offers available to entrepreneurs who register their business directly from using the cost calculator, so keep your eyes peeled for these.


Calculate Your Business Costs

The Business Incorporation Zone Cost Calculator lets you calculate your business costs in under one minute,  in just a handful of clicks. All quotes shared by the cost calculator are specifically tailored to your business, based entirely on the information you provide in the calculation process.

Here are the simple steps required to calculate your business costs:

  • Firstly, choose your business activity. This is the sector your business operates in e.g. accounting, real estate, PR
  • Next, let’s get into the detail. Tell us whether you need a physical office space, how many shareholders are in your company, how many visas you require, and importantly for us, what your primary goal is with your new venture
  • From here, input your personal information. This is where we’ll contact you with your tailored business setup costs
  • Now, keep an eye on your emails – your business setup costs are coming to you within 1 minute!

One of the most appealing aspects of the Business Incorporation Zone Cost Calculator is that, firstly, there’s no obligation for receiving a quote. Just explore your options, and receive an accurate quote completely for free.

The level of detail that the Cost Calculator delves into is critical for determining this accurate quotation. For example, knowing whether you need an office space will guide us towards the right UAE freezone. 

Where To Calculate Your Business Costs

The Business Incorporation Zone Cost Calculator can be found by following the link below:


Simply follow the steps outlined in the paragraph above, and you’ll be minutes away from your personalised quotation. Its straightforward functionality makes it one of the most effective tools available to budding entrepreneurs in the region.