Why We Focus On Team Building During Ramadan & Eid


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It’s an annual tradition at Business Incorporation Zone to celebrate Ramadan and Eid together.

Whether it’s at a special Iftar event, or we host a special Eid celebration, I always ensure that the team unites as one to share a special moment with each other during the Holy Month. 

I have heard people say before that Ramadan disrupts business; the shorter working hours, the slower turnarounds, reduced pace. Personally, I think this is the wrong perspective, and overlooks the opportunities that the month presents. 

Ramadan and Eid are excellent times to engage in team building activities, and form bonds that will stand you in good stead once the festivities have come to an end.

Here’s why I always put a focus on sharing a Ramadan experience with the team. 

  • It’s A Shared Experience! During Ramadan and Eid, people of the Muslim faith come together to fast, pray, and celebrate. Bringing cultures and faiths together to enjoy a shared experience certainly helps in bringing team members closer together too, strengthening their bond with one another.
  • It Promotes Understanding and Respect: I’ve seen for myself how team building activities during Ramadan and Eid help non-Muslim team members understand and respect the cultural and religious practices of their Muslim colleagues more. All of this points towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Dubai is a crossroads of culture, and the more you can promote understanding of the cultures within it, the better. 
  • It Encourages Collaboration: Many of the traditions associated with Ramadan and Eid involve teamwork, such as preparing iftar meals together, participating in charity work, and of course, celebrating together! They encourage team members to collaborate, and can help team members develop better communication which will benefit your business after the festivities.
  • Boosts Morale: Who doesn’t love an amazing Iftar? Above all else, Ramadan is a time of spirituality and connecting with yourself in a very wholesome way. Doing so amongst a buffet of delicious food with your colleagues is a real joy. What I’ve seen before too is that, actually, there’s increased productivity and better job satisfaction among team members after activities like this. All the more reason to focus on team building during Ramadan.

Celebrating Ramadan and Eid together

Celebrating Ramadan and Eid together with my team has always created a positive atmosphere in the office. It’s certainly not something that you come to regret! Have you considered a team building activity during the Holy Month? Hopefully, after reading this, you’re feeling a bit more inspired!