Businesses That Boom During Ramadan

Businesses That Boom During Ramadan

While working hours reduce for some during Ramadan, other businesses experience their most in-demand times of the year.  There are brands that are almost synonymous with the Holy Month, whether it be traditions and customs or otherwise.  Here, we place a focus on three businesses in particular who thrive during the Holy Month.  Vimto Vimto […]

The Etihad Rail Project: How It Will Impact Business In 2023 And Beyond

The Etihad Rail Projec

The Etihad Rail Project Have you heard of the Etihad Rail Project? If you’ve travelled on any of the major highways between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond, you may have seen construction taking place for a rail network that will connect the country.  The Etihad Rail Project is a major railway project in the UAE, […]

Top Emerging Business Trends in 2023

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Keeping ahead of the curve is critical to business success. It’s no longer enough to just replicate a winning formula – blink, and it could well be over, particularly in the age of instant access to new forms of content and information. If you’re in a position of responsibility like I am, you simply have […]