How To Sponsor Your Family In Dubai


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In this blog, you will learn about: 

  • Sponsorship Visa rules for family members in Dubai
  • Paperwork requirements to comply with sponsorship visa rules

Everything You Need To Know About Sponsorship Visa Dubai

It makes good sense to bring your family with you when moving to Dubai to work or establish a business. Having your loved ones close to you as you start your entrepreneurial journey means an immeasurable support network. However, some policies surround the system, and if you are inexperienced in them, you may need a helping hand. 

Many experts can aid you through the process, and this blog will also provide instructions on getting visas for your family. 

How Set Hub Sponsorship visa services in Dubai can help you?

This blog explains the steps involved in sponsoring your family members’ relocation to Dubai. It also brings to light some of the system’s complications, but this is where specialists like Business Incorporation Zone can help you with sponsorship visa services in Dubai. 

What paperwork is needed in Dubai to sponsor a family? 

For your immediate family members to settle in Dubai, you will need compliance documents. 

It is necessary to submit your application form, your partner’s passport, and photos of your children you may be relocating with. Additionally, documents verifying your partner’s medical fitness, as well as those for the children over the age of 18 will be required for you to provide. 

For the sponsorship visa Dubai application, you must submit copies of their employment contract, income documentation from their employer, or a business license. Furthermore, a marriage certificate is necessary. 

Finally, you must submit a document proving your residence, such as a lease or a mortgage agreement, as well as a current utility bill.


Is the eligibility criteria different for women?

If a woman earns more than AED 10,000 per month and receives approval from the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai, she may sponsor visa applications for her family (DNRD). 

A single mother can also sponsor her children, although the officials can ask for further details similar to those needed for stepchildren.

Sponsorship Visa Dubai for your parents 

Employees from countries other than the United Arab Emirates are permitted to sponsor their parents for one-year visas, but they must pay a fee as an assurance for each parent. 

It should be mentioned that expats cannot only get one sponsorship visa for their parents – the visa is required for both parents. The sponsors must also verify that no one else in their present country of residence is capable of caring for the dependents.

However, Dubai welcomes single parents if the other parent is deceased or divorced. But the applicant must offer evidence to support their decision to sponsor just one parent. 

Furthermore, both parents must have medical insurance with a specified level of coverage that must be renewed annually. If you are willing to sponsor your parents’ visa, make sure you earn a fixed sum yearly (AED 20,000).

How much does it cost to sponsor your family?

There are a number of expenses to consider in this situation. One is the sponsor registration file, which costs AED 268, while the fee for a spouse, child, and parent – if they are traveling to Dubai from outside the UAE – is AED 488.90 each. 

There are also costs associated with medical exams, Emirates IDs, and passport revisions. In some instances, translation services may also be required. 

Criteria to sponsor siblings in Dubai?

Foreigners living here cannot apply for a sponsorship visa in Dubai for their siblings. However, they are permitted to sponsor a sibling’s 90-day visitor visa.

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