Threads: Should You Join The Hype?


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Threads, Mark Zuckerberg’s take on Twitter, made an instant announcement to the social media world – and just as instant an impact. With over 2 million sign-ups in two hours, and well over 100 million sign-ups shortly after its launch, the hype around the new platform was backed by the numbers.

However, amongst the rush towards Threads, it would be wise to take a step back and consider: does my business need to follow the crowd? If it does, does it need to follow it now?

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit recently, considering both sides of the argument. Take a look and see whether you can be influenced either way.

So, should your business join the Threads hype?

Yes. Why?

First mover advantage: While the platform is no longer in its very early stages, early adopters still benefit from having shaped the platform’s culture and engagement. Businesses that established a presence early on may continue to see advantages.

It shows you’re on the pulse: This is particularly important if you really value your social channels as spaces to connect with your audience. If they’re on socials, surely you should be too?

Experiment! Threads continues to offer a space for experimenting with different content styles. The general tone on the platform seems to be more relaxed, so it’s a good opportunity to try some new communication styles and see if they stick.

What’s there to lose? Everyone else is figuring the platform out, so as long as you keep things reasonably on brand, why not just give it a try?


No. Why?

What’s there to gain? While the initial hype was intense, the excitement has stabilized, and you should consider whether the potential gains are worth the effort required to maintain another social media presence.

Traction has slowed down a little bit: There has been a natural decline in momentum as the platform matures. You could easily set a precedent within your team to be posting daily, but is the momentum there for it to make an impact?

Do you actually have the capacity? This one’s dedicated to your social media team (which could also be you, too!) Remember that Threads will become another platform that you need to maintain. Is this something you have the capacity for in your business? If not, it’s worth sitting it out a little bit and seeing how the landscape shapes up before committing yourself.

Is it worth your time? What’s the juice that’s coming from the squeeze right now? Threads is still evolving, and we’re still not quite sure how it’s going to mature.

We’re all still trying to figure Threads out at the moment. For me, taking the leap comes down to whether you want to be part of shaping how the app operates in the future, or you’d rather let others carry the burden of figuring that out. You should consider how much scope you have to frequently post, whether now is the time to begin experimenting with your brand tone of voice, and the level of traction on the platform.