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About Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

The Synergy of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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Why Sharjah Media City?

The Ever-Empowering Appeal of Sharjah Media City (Shams)
Serving as a base for media and creative endeavors from over 160 nations, Shams is dedicated to propelling growth. Investors are presented with the prospect of initiating their ventures at competitive costs, with the added benefit of obtaining multiple visas linked to shared office environments. Moreover, diverse business operations are permissible under a single license.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Sharjah Media City

Cost-effective business setup

Minimises costs, making business initiation affordable for entrepreneurs.

0% corporate or personal income tax

Tax-free zone enhances profitability for businesses, ensuring financial efficiency.

100% foreign ownership permitted

Attracts international investors, fostering an autonomous business environment.

Allocation of up to 12 visas on a shared desk facility

Flexibility with up to 12 visas, optimising workforce management.

Quick and simple online registration process

A streamlined process ensures a hassle-free and efficient setup experience.

Multiple business activities available on one license.

Diversify with various activities under a single license, promoting flexibility.

Located 15 mins from Sharjah Intl. Airport & 30 mins from Dubai Intl. Airport

Strategically situated for convenience, SHAMS facilitates global connectivity.

Shareholders aren’t needed to be physically present in the UAE to incorporate a new company

Incorporating a new company at SHAMS is simplified for international investors.

Business Activities of Sharjah Media City

Choose from Over 120 Business Activities
The SHAMS community provides a vibrant ecosystem with great innovation where people live, learn and co-create. It offers over 120 business activities to choose from and allows you to combine different activities on the same license. There is an activity to suit all business models.

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