Restaurant and Mobile Food Service Activities


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If one were to take a walk down the bustling streets of Dubai, you would certainly notice an array of dining options. From humble food trucks to Michelin Star restaurants, Dubai has something for everyone when it comes to dining options. These establishments make up the heart and soul of Dubai’s food industry.

Falling under business activity 5610 “Restaurants and mobile food service activities”, these establishments offer everything from traditional sit-down meals to grab-and-go options along sidewalks.

If you’re looking to set up a venture of your own within this industry, see below for a list of essential details:

Activity Code: 5610.00

Activity Name: Restaurants And Mobile Food Service Activities

DED Activity Code: 5610001 & 5610005

Activity Group: Restaurants and coffee shops

License Type: Professional

Third-party Approval: Required

Filing of Economic Substance Return: Not required

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: Not required

Post-License Third-Party Approval from DM

After you secure a license to carry out your restaurant and food service activities in Dubai, the next step is to obtain approval from Dubai Municipality (DM). Securing this license essentially means that your establishment meets the health and safety regulations, ultimately leading to a safe, clean, and enjoyable experience for your hungry customers.

Who Does This Business Activity Cater To?

Here is a breakdown of your potential customers, if you were to set up an eatery in Dubai.

Food Enthusiasts

Dubai is home to many residents from around the world. This mix of cultures means that your customers will seek out many options when it comes to satisfying their palettes. Whether it be street food, fine dining experiences, or simple cafe-style fare, Dubai’s mix of tourists and residents want a little bit of everything.

Busy Professionals

The professionals who call Dubai home have fast-paced lifestyles and therefore, their choice when it comes to dining reflects this. Cloud kitchens that offer quick delivery are a popular choice among this group as tasty meals without the wait time are often seen as a go-to choice.

Explorers of Global Tastes

All you need is a taste of home. This is especially true for Dubai’s multicultural population that hails from all over the world. Replicating flavors from home is guaranteed to be a hit.

Event Attendees

With many events that dot Dubia’s calendar, attendees of major events, exhibitions, and festivals need to be fed. This is a big reason why several food trucks are seen at these venues.

Late-Night Diners

With a nightlife scene that has made headlines all over the world, Dubai’s growing party crowd has led to the growth of establishments that solely provide late-night dining options.

Health-Conscious Consumers

It is important to prioritize health-conscious individuals as well. This target group constantly seeks out healthy and organic dining options and often pays a premium for the same.

Simplifying the License Acquisition Process with Set Hub

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to secure your food-related trade license in Dubai, speak to us at SetHub. Our team is well-versed in this area and can provide you with the guidance needed to get up and running. A commitment to streamlined documentation and submission results in expedited approvals and certifications from relevant authorities. With Set Hub’s support, 30 days is all it takes to get your license, allowing you to focus on bringing your culinary creations to the people of Dubai.