Promising faces to watch in 2022


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1. Mohammed Al-Rashidi
Founder and executive chairman, One Global Group
Sector: Fintech

Al-Rashidi is the founder of Kuwait-based One Global group, which was set up in 2004. His focus on creating disruptive tech has resulted in multiple ventures that serve diverse industries. The company has a presence in more than 20 countries. Al-Rashidi, who is passionate about digital transformation, has a fintech-related patent registered in the US and other countries. Al-Rashidi has won numerous accolades, including the Digital Transformation Leader of the Year at Fintech Galaxy’s 2019 FinX Awards and the Outstanding Leadership Award 2022 at the Money 2.0 Conference.

2. Basma Ashry
General manager, Business Incorporation Zone
Sector: Business consultancy services

Ashry started her journey in telecommunications and then moved to the banking industry before joining Set Hub in 2020. Armed with the experience of more than a decade in the corporate world, she has helped entrepreneurs, including female-led startups, set up and launch their businesses in the region. Ashry believes that building a ‘culture’ is more important than strategy when it involves setting up a business. She has followed that approach as CEO to develop a ‘connected culture’, to enable and integrate collaboration within her team.Set Hub has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs in the region.

3. Jassim Mohammed Alyassi

Founder, Al Saraya Al Hamra
Sector: Food and beverages

Al Saraya Group was launched in 2012 when Alyassi decided to transform his passion for food and beverages into a multi-cuisine food chain. The company’s ‘Chiki’ fried chicken burger brand’s success marked a turning point for the business. Today, Alyassi’s company – under the brand name ASAH – offers 14 food brands at 11 different locations all over UAE. It’s also expanding its presence in Dubai and two other locations. Alyassi also plans to expand its operations globally. He believes that combining innovative offerings with an outstanding level of service will be the driving force behind the group’s sustainable growth.

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