Instagram branding – and why it’s important


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When you’re looking to create a presence online, Instagram is going to be the top of your list. But just being on the platform isn’t enough, it’s all about successfully branding your Instagram feed so that when people see it they feel they know your brand.

While a strong Instagram presence means you’re building your brand it also means you’re generating traffic.

So let’s look at how to build your Instagram presence.

Benefits of Instagram branding

There are a number of key benefits. Let’s look at three key ones:

Building trust with your audience: A well-designed Instagram presence that genuinely feels like it’s in your brand’s voice means that you’ll build trust with followers. When your Instagram matches how you present yourself on your website (and your other social media outlets), it creates a coherent online presence that makes customers feel at home.

In short, they feel they know what they’re getting when they interact with your company online, and that builds a sense of trust. It also means they can identify you (and your content) that much faster.

Driving traffic to your website: It’s true that you can only have one link in your Instagram bio, but you can change that link whenever you like. So if you put up a post that you feel is likely to get strong engagement, you can add a simple ‘click link in bio’ to the end of the post. Then there’s no confusion on the part of the user, they simply go to your bio and they’re directed to the particular part of your website or landing page that you have designated.

Boosting your brand: Using a consistent look (from colours to graphics to fonts) that is on your Instagram, website and other social media helps audience recognition. They start to get a feel for your brand before they even see your logo. At best, they know it’s you just from a quick glance.

How to brand your Instagram

There are a number of ways you can brand your Instagram – all of which will give your feed a coherent feel and look.

Let’s look at some approaches:

The basics: Let’s start with your cover photo and/or logo, your username, and what you write in your bio. Take care over all these elements as they set the tone for the rest of your feed. Ensure they adhere to any colour palettes you have decided on.

Creating  content strategy: Before you even start posting, think about how you can create content that has a similar feel. This might be what the pictures or images contain, or the colours used, the effects you apply, or how you edit the images. The point is: having a solid approach before you even start posting means you can quickly see whether a piece of content is suitable for your feed or whether it will confuse or turn away your audience.

Regular posting: It’s all about consistency – while you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too much content (after a while it will start to feel like noise), you do want to make sure you are consistent.

You might start with twice a week and build from there, but only posting when your content aligns with the points we have already mentioned. There are a number of tools you can use to organise and automate your posting as well as determine the best times to post. You can also use the increasingly popular Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your posts.

Check your branding: With each post, ask yourself whether it’s in a consistent voice. Does the image, and the caption, feel like your brand? Is it serious? Is there a sense of fun? What type of language do you use? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create a solid brand personality for your Instagram which your audience will recognise and respond to.

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