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So you’ve got a business idea that has the potential to thrive in the UAE market and beyond, but do you have a name for it yet? Without a name that stands out and represents everything you do as a business, realizing the vision of your business will not be easy.

Your trade name will serve as the foundation of your business identity, and therefore the process of coming up with a suitable one should not be rushed. Once you have a name in mind, the next step is to get it legally recognized as it will serve as the foundation of your future business deals, partnerships, and more.

In Dubai, it is a formality to register your trade name with the Department of Economic Development (DED). If you’re looking to initiate this process, this article will put you on the right track toward securing that all-important name.


Who Can Register a Trade Name?

Any business, whether it is a startup, sole proprietorship, or an established entity, can register a trade name in Dubai. Some of the main eligibility criteria include:

Legal Ownership: The business must be owned by an individual or an entity that complies with the laws of the UAE.

Business Type: The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) allows various types of businesses to register trade names, therefore your business type must be clearly defined and your trade name should be a reflection of this.

Legal Requirements for Business Ownership

You must ensure that your business is registered under one of the many business structures available in Dubai. Common structures include Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietorship, and Free Zone entities.

Do take note of the specific ownership or licensing restrictions that apply to businesses that carry out certain activities. For example, businesses operating in the banking and healthcare sectors may have tighter regulations.

Necessary Documentation and Information

You will need to provide some documentation to register a trade name. These include:

Trade Name Selection: The trade name must reflect your business identity and adhere to the DED’s naming guidelines. The name must be unique and not registered with any other entity.

Business Activities: Different activities may have different licensing requirements, so it’s important to describe what your business will do.

Legal Entity Details: Provide detailed information about your business’s structure, ownership, and the partners or shareholders involved.

Identification and Legal Documents

Here is a list of the extended identification and legal documents that need to be submitted about registering a trade name in Dubai.

  • Copies of passports for all partners or shareholders involved in the business.
  • Copies of Emirates ID (United Arab Emirates Identity Card) for all partners or shareholders.
  • Copies of valid UAE visas for all partners or shareholders.
  • Ownership agreement. (For partners of LLCs)

If you’re having trouble understanding the requirements and documentation required for your business to register a trade name, SetHub’s expert consultants can guide you through this process.


The process of registering a trade name in Dubai is transparent and easily accessible to anyone online.

Checking Trade Name Availability

To ensure that your trade name is available and has not been registered with other entities:

  1. Visit the DED’s Online Portal and navigate to the trade name availability check section.
  2. Choose the relevant emirate (Dubai) for your business location.
  3. Enter your selected trade name and click search.
  4. The system will display whether the name is available or already in use.
  5. If the name is available, reserve it as soon as possible.

Payment for Trade Name Registration in UAE

After the DED reviews your application to ensure that all the guidelines and requirements have been met, your application will be approved and you will be able to make a payment. Once made, expect a confirmation receipt within 3 days which will indicate that you have successfully registered your trade name.

The related fees for trade name registration are listed below:

Book or Amend Trade Name Fee: AED 600

Knowledge Dirham Fee: AED 10

Innovation Dirham Fee: AED 10


Once you have a registered trade name in Dubai, your business will be entitled to legal protection and rights such as:

Exclusive Use – Only you will have the right to use the registered trade name for business activities. In other words, your brand identity will be protected.

Legal Recognition – Your legally recognized trade name will be instrumental in contracts, banking, and more.

Credibility – A registered trade name will build trust among your customers and stakeholders, leading to added credibility.

Do take note that trade name registration is valid for six months, after which renewal will be essential. Business owners must also understand the difference between trade name registration and trademark registration. A trade name will protect your business identity, but it will not protect other elements such as logos and taglines.

In Conclusion,

To protect your business’s identity in Dubai, trade name registration is an essential step that paves the way for credibility, legal protection, and a world of possibilities. Registration is a rather simple process that can be carried out online, provided that all supporting documents are in place. If you require any assistance or advice on trade name registration, SetHub’s experts are one phone call away.