How Dubai businesses adapt to the summer


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Adapting to Dubai summer

If you’ve spent even a day in Dubai during the summer, you’ll know one thing – it’s hot. Very hot.

But, while on the surface it may look like businesses simply hibernate for the summer and reappear once the worst is over, it’s very much the opposite. In fact, there are many opportunities that businesses look to take advantage of in order to take advantage of summer business opportunities in Dubai.

Here are just a handful of ways in which businesses adapt to summer in Dubai, giving you some food for thought about how to adapt your own business.

Ways to adapt to the Dubai summer

  • Adjusting your operating hours: This may sound like a slight contradiction to the above, but there is a level of sense to adjusting your operating hours. In fact, 60% of businesses in Dubai adjust their operating hours during the summer months to avoid the hottest parts of the day, according to Dubai Tourism. Statistically, it is assumed that footfall reduces during the hottest parts of the day, so shifting operating hours around to adapt to the cooler periods of the day makes total sense from a business perspective.
  • Embracing summer in your social branding: one sure way to approach the summer – embrace it! Summer is a time in which some companies add an element of (extra) sunshine to their branding, particularly on social media feeds. It’s the perfect time to give your brand a casual refresh, and embrace the sunshine without avoiding the season entirely.
  • Special promotions: If you’re worried that your footfall will decrease during the summer, give customers something to come to you for! You could offer special promotions or discounts during the summer months to encourage footfall – after all, customers love a bargain whatever the temperature. For example, hotels may offer reduced rates or complimentary amenities, while restaurants may offer special summer menus or discounts on certain dishes. Why not give it a try?
  • Utilizing technology: We do live in the world of e-commerce, after all! But, if you provide a service in store, why not think about switching to e-commerce to adapt? Deliveries don’t stop throughout the summer, and this could particularly help restaurants and cafes by offering delivery or take-out options. This can be a great way to reach customers who prefer to stay indoors during the summer months.

Summer in Dubai

Summer in Dubai

Summer in Dubai is an opportunity to adapt, rather than resist. Although the temperatures might come across as intimidating, Dubai’s residents are well adapted to it, and will take any opportunity to keep business moving.

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