Family & Spouse Visas: A Guide


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February is the month of love, and there is no deeper love that can be provided than that of your family. Having a network of close allies can be an incredibly vital indicator of business success, and being an entrepreneur certainly requires a great degree of people to lean on along the journey.

In the UAE, Residency visas are attainable for the family members and spouses of entrepreneurs, and as a business owner you are eligible to apply on their behalf so they can be close to you on your journey into new territories. There are of course some basic eligibility requirements that are required to be met, and if after reading this blog you are still unsure about the processes relating to obtaining a family visa, you can of course get in contact with the team or navigate through official government channels. 

With that said, here’s how your family and spouse can join you on your entrepreneurial journey here in Dubai. 

How To Get A Family Visa In Dubai

If you own a business and have a family member or partner that you’d like to join you in the UAE, you can become their sponsor. Acting as a sponsor, you provide your spouse or family member with the opportunity to live in the UAE as part of your visa.

To begin, when your partner arrives in the UAE, their Visa must be applied for within 60 days of the subject arriving in the UAE. This is the typical length of a visa that’s provided at the border, depending on the country of your passport. Nonetheless, they should be within the UAE to start the process. 

As a prerequisite, you must be earning over AED 4,000 per month to be able to sponsor your spouse – or AED 3,000 plus accommodation provided. If you are earning less than the mentioned amount, your application will not be processed. Note too, that if you are sponsoring your parents, a household income of AED 20,000 plus two bedroom accommodation will be mandatory.

Previously, the profession of the sponsor was a prerequisite, however this is not the case any more. 

Then, there will be a requirement to submit all the required documentation to take your application through the next steps, as we outline below.

Documents For Family Visa UAE

If you want to sponsor your partner to obtain a residence visa, as a basic prerequisite you must both be married, and your marriage certificate must be attested both in your home country and here in Dubai.. Attestation is a very common practice in the UAE, and there are many firms that can carry out the process for you. 

Alternatively, if you reach out to the sethub team to assist in the process for you, we can take care of this on your behalf.

You will also be required to submit formal documentation in relation to the sponsored subject; for example,. their passport, passport sized photos, attested birth certificates for children, proof of salary. A full list of required documentation can be shared by our team along the way, but expect the standard requirements to be fulfilled.

Sponsored subjects should expect to complete a medical, as is typical for the visa process. 


Important Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the rules for sponsoring your family in Dubai – particularly when it comes to children. For example, your sons can be sponsored up to age 18 – but this goes up to 21 if they’re out of the country for work or study purposes. On the contrary, daughters can be sponsored indefinitely if they’re not married.

Furthermore, sponsoring parents increases your requirements for eligibility – 20,000 aed and 2 bedroom apartment

Family & Spouse Visas with SetHub

While this process may feel like a lot to take in, it’s not something that needs to be managed alone. We have multiple years of experience assisting entrepreneurs with their family visas and spouse visas, knowing exactly how to navigate the waters on your behalf.

Connect with our team to discuss family visas, and begin the process of building your support network right here in Dubai as you work on building your dream business.