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Wherever you are in the world. Whatever you do. However long you’ve been trading. One thing is for certain – you need to promote your business.

Once upon a time, the type of promotion you could carry out would depend largely on your budget. Those at the lower end of the scale may have sent out flyers or placed an ad in the local classifieds paper. Those with more money at their disposal might have opted for national billboard campaigns or ran ads in the media.

Thanks to the internet, however, the playing field is now much more level. Whether you have a big budget or not, there is plenty you can do to get your name out there, and put your business in front of thousands, or even millions, of potential customers.

Below are seven simple ways to spread your message, generate new leads, and ultimately grow your business.

1. Promote your business with Google

A quick and easy way to gain a presence online is to create a Google Business Profile. This means your business will show up in local Google and Google Maps search results.

But creating your listing is just one step, since you’ll also need to make sure it is verified. You can do this via your account page. Once verified, your listing will appear more, and potentially higher, in all relevant searches.

Visit Google My Business to get started.

2. Build a website

In today’s world, every business needs a website. It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture computer chips or bake bread, your customers are online. So, you need to be too.

And your website isn’t just a tool for winning new business. By telling the story of your business, listing useful information and latest promotions on your site, you encourage existing customers to come back too.

Just as important as having a website is ensuring that it is search engine optimised. You need to make sure that your site is set up to be found, and SEO can help you do that. Take the time to research keywords and common search terms, and make sure you are referencing them throughout.

3. Write a blog

Your website is not just a place to list your products and give a little information about your business. When you regularly create blog content, you can create a valuable resource for prospects and customers.

By writing with authority about your industry, offering solutions, and answering questions, you build trust with your audience. And as soon as they are ready to purchase, your company is at the front of their minds.

 4. Place ads

While the other points on this list are vital, they are not quick wins. Your website, Google business page, and blog will take time to build an organic flow of traffic.

But well-placed ads can have an immediate impact. Google Ads show at the top of relevant search results, putting you right in front of potential customers that are looking for businesses like yours.

There are other easy places to promote your business too. Facebook ads allow you to target a desired audience based on age, gender, location, interests and more.

5. Join online communities

As well as offering help and advice via your blog and website, you should also be proactive and go to your potential customers. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit are packed with vibrant communities, many of which are likely to relate to your business.

Forget the hard sell here. Just sign up, join a few groups, and be on hand to answer questions, offer advice and find solutions. Build trust in this way over time and then promote your services organically when the opportunity presents itself.

6. Make the most of events

We may live in a digital world, but for many there’s nothing like a face-to-face interaction, especially here in Dubai, where real-world networking is still very much alive and kicking.

Search your local area for relevant events and be sure to attend. You may even consider sponsoring events so your business is front and center. You can also organise and host your own, carefully curating your attendee list. Whatever you do, be sure to pack your business cards and brush up on your elevator pitch.

7. Don’t overlook email marketing

It may have been on the scene for a long time, but email marketing is still as popular as ever. And with good reason.

Most of us are never far from our inbox. And providing it is not spammy or overly salesly, we’re generally open to be contacted in this way.

People like to stay informed, so make sure your email campaigns are timely, valuable, and concise. You only have a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention, so your salient points should be right up front.

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Hopefully, this guide has made clear that promoting your message doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

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