Expo 2020 – Business and Entrepreneurship Events


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Expo 2020 is finally set to arrive on our shores in October of this year – bringing an estimated 25 million visitors across its six-month duration.

As well as a showcase of the very best people, businesses, and initiatives across mobility, sustainability, innovation and more, Expo 2020 is essentially a shop window for the region’s businesses.

With some of the world’s brightest minds from over 190 countries heading to the event, there is no better opportunity to promote your offering to a vast global audience. It is your unique opportunity to attract investment, forge partnerships, and make sales.

There is a full calendar of business events taking place throughout Expo 2020, from cultural forums to investment seminars and more. Here is a rundown of some of the best.

What entrepreneurship events will be held at the Expo2020?

Expo 2020’s business event calendar kicks off with “Together for Sustainable Development: nature, people & tomorrow”. Headed by Vice-President of Brazil, HE Hamilton Mourão, the panel will discuss Brazil’s contribution to sustainable development. The event is sure to be of huge value to any entrepreneur with an interest in green technology initiatives.

October also sees the EU-GCC Business Forum which will explore current opportunities for the EU and GCC governments and private sector businesses. Specifically, it will look at the potential opportunities within the post-COVID economic recovery.

From November onwards, Expo 2020 will host a monthly B2B networking event. It’s your chance to meet business contacts face-to-face to build relationships, generate leads and discover a wealth of business opportunities through Expo 2020 Dubai.

Between November 7-11, the Business Matchmaking Forum: Colombia in Dubai, opens its doors. It’s an incredible opportunity to make connections in this vast and emerging market. The Latvia Business Forum, on November 27, is a great networking opportunity too, and will be attended by the country’s president, as well as numerous other senior officials and industry leaders.

Highlights of the 2021 business event calendar include the African CEO Roundtable, a two-day event showcasing potential areas of investment in Africa.  The Russian Arab Business Forum is also not to be missed. The event will explore the dynamic markets of today, along with the challenges and solutions to various business questions.

What is the benefit of attending these events?

The benefits of attending any of Expo 2020’s events, keynote speeches, and panel discussions cannot be overstated. There are few, if any, better opportunities to learn from the best and brightest minds across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.

Expo 2020’s networking events are designed to foster collaboration, presenting the region’s entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to build a global contact book – replete with potential customers, suppliers, investors and many more.

As well as a varied calendar of events, Expo 2020 is also operating a business networking app. Sign up and you can search for new contacts based on industry, expertise, and more – plus access the full profiles and contact details of attendees once a connection has been established.

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