EMIRATES ID 101: Everything You Need To Know


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In this blog, you will learn about: 

  • Importance of Emirates ID Card
  • How to apply and renew it
  • Documentation and fee for UAE ID Card

Having an Emirates ID is fundamental if you live in the UAE. This guide by will help you with the application and Emirates ID renewal processes. You will gain a thorough understanding of the processing fee, the necessary documents, and much more. 

What is an Emirates ID?

The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship issues Emirates ID, which is simply an ID card for UAE nationals. The card serves as a “portable database” and has all the essential data of an individual. Every citizen of the United Arab Emirates must apply for an Emirates ID and keep it with them at all times.

Every cardholder of an Emirates ID card has a 15-digit identity number that is a unique number for each individual. An Emirates ID card includes a chip that holds the cardholder’s personal information, including name, contact information, fingerprints, and other biometric data. It also consists of the cardholder’s photograph. 

Why do you need an Emirates ID in the UAE?

The Emirates ID is used to apply for government and non-government services, including opening a bank account, getting a driving license, registering your car, paying, and much more. It is more than just a simple legal identity card.

The government provides various advantages and benefits to the Emirate ID holder. For instance, cardholders can use Smart Gates in all of the terminals of Dubai International Airport. You can avoid long lines and quickly complete the passport application procedure by having a straightforward Emirates ID card. 

Validity of Emirates ID

The type of visa you hold will determine how long an Emirates ID will be valid for, and when an Emirates ID renewal is required. The validity periods for the various categories are as follows: 

Expat Residents: Depending on how long the UAE resident visa is valid 

UAE Nationals: 5 or 10 years 

GCC Citizens: 5 Years

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How to Apply for a New Emirates ID Card?

It is simple to apply for a new Emirates ID card as an expat, an individual from the UAE, or a citizen of a GCC country. More and more people can apply for it and participate in the process of progressive change in UAE because the application process has been made simple.

The first step is to know where to apply for the Emirates ID. The companies sponsoring new expats – apart from the GCC nationals – can apply for Emirates ID on their behalf. Another method is to complete an application through approved typing centers across the United Arab Emirates. Another alternative way is to visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website and apply for the Emirates ID card there. It is worth mentioning that in every process, once you have completed the process, you will be sent a confirmation message on the number you have provided on the application form. This is a key factor to mention that the information provided on the application must be accurate.

Expat residents can use the Federal Authority Identity and Citizenship website or the Smart App to apply for the Emirates ID on behalf of their dependents, such as their spouses and children. Once you have obtained your Emirates ID, which you must acquire through the typing center, only then you can complete this process.

Documents Required for Emirates ID

Documentation is one of the essential aspects of any procedure; if you can submit complete and accurate documents, your application’s chances of getting approved are significantly increased. 

As a resident of the UAE, you must have the following documents

– Original passport

– Original valid residency or entry permit

How to Renew Your Emirates ID?

The validity of the card determines each Emirates ID’s unique expiration date. For instance, UAE residents and citizens can renew their cards within 30 days of the expiration date. Following this time, a daily penalty of AED 20 is applied. The entire late fee may reach AED 1,000.

Typically, UAE nationals must renew their Emirates ID 1 month before it expires. Expats can only apply for a renewal after their card has expired. 

The procedure for UAE ID renewal is the same as applying for one in addition to the service channels used to handle the initial application, either through the ICA website or through typing centers. 

UAE ID Renewal fee as per the validity

  1. Year: AED 290
  2. Year: AED 390
  3. Year: AED 490

Documents for Emirates ID Renewal

The same documents are needed for both the application process and UAE ID renewal. The previous card must also be provided when applying for a renewal, the only addition to those documents. This applies to UAE nationals and GCC residents.

When applying for the Emirates ID renewal, expats will no longer need to present their entry permit but rather their resident visa, which is now valid.

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