Everything You Need to Know About the Meydan Free Zone License


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The Meydan Free Zone is located in the Emirate of Dubai in a key area. One of the top choices for Dubai free zone company formation, Meydan FZ gives entrepreneurs many opportunities to expand their firm globally due to its thriving, conveniently placed economic environment. In this article, we will discuss which documents are necessary for a Meydan free zone license.

The Advantages of Starting a Business in the Meydan Free Zone

For entrepreneurs wishing to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates, Meydan FZ provides the most affordable Dubai-free zone company formation costs, straightforward creation procedures, and minimal prerequisites. Meydan FZ is unquestionably regarded as the best choice for the establishment of a Dubai-free zone company because of its convenient location.

There are plenty more advantages to forming a business in the Meydan Free Zone! They also consist of

  • Full foreign ownership.
  • Complete repatriation of earnings and capital.
  • No personal or corporate income tax.
  • Zero percent import or export taxes.
  • There is no requirement for a minimum paid-up capital.
  • Company documents were released a day after obtaining government and security clearances.
  • Office buildings are open 24 hours a day.
  • Businesses can take advantage of exclusive discounts on food and beverage offerings, including the fully furnished Business Center, as well as opulent lodging at the five-star Meydan Hotel.
  • Simple to open a bank account.
  • about 1500 options for commercial activity.
  • Do business outside of the United Arab Emirates.
  • a controlled and secure business environment.
  • For a Meydan Free Zone corporation to be formed, shareholders do not need to be present in person in the United Arab Emirates.
  • There are numerous visa and non-visa package options.
  • elite, lively community.
  • Only fifteen minutes from the international airport in Dubai.

How to obtain a business license for the Meydan Free Zone

You can begin your business with complete confidence when you work with Meydan Free Zone since you will benefit from our experience. The following company establishment procedure will be walked through by your personal account contact.

First, they will assist you with selecting and registering your company name. You must adhere to the naming guidelines established by the UAE. Don’t worry, though; they’re all simple and mostly common sense.  You should refrain from using names of well-known organizations and blasphemous or inflammatory words. A few more guidelines will be discussed during your initial appointment.

Reach New Heights with Your Enterprise at Meydan Free Zone

With one of the most prominent commercial addresses in the area, the Meydan Free Zone is a bustling economic zone in the middle of the region. They provide a wide range of cutting-edge lifestyle and investment options to our businesses in a safe, controlled setting that boosts output. We can also assist you in joining them.

From registering your company name to handling your license and visa applications, our knowledgeable staff can help you with every step of the company formation process.

Documents Needed to Get a License for the Meydan Free Zone

For a Meydan free zone license, you must submit the application form and the accompanying paperwork:

  • Forms of application (Signed by the designated signatory only)
  • A copy of the owner(s) or shareholders’ passport
  • A copy of the owner(s) or shareholders’ visa
  • A three-year business strategy
  • The curriculum vitae of the directors, designated managers, and shareholders
  • a bank statement for six months

License Types in the Meydan Free Zone

Getting a Meydan free zone license for the appropriate business operations makes it simple to launch a business in the commercial, service, or media sectors.  

Meydan free zone licenses come in the following varieties:

  • Media license
  • Consultancy license
  • Commercial license

How to Establish a Business in the Meydan Free Zone

In this arena, the Meydan Free Zone authorities have established a simple company formation procedure. You can start your business and get the Meydan free zone license by following the process and obtaining all the necessary permits.

The steps involved in setting up a business in the Meydan Free Zone are:

First Step

Complete the business operations that you have planned. The license would list the authorized business activity. It is not your responsibility to engage in any activities that the business license does not permit.

Second Step

Obtain a trading name for the company. The name ought to comply with the authority’s naming guidelines. Names that are politically, religiously, or blasphemously inclined are not allowed.

Third Step

Send in the supporting documentation with the application. Respect the requirements for the Meydan Free Zone license. The Meydan Free Zone Authority must be present when the shareholders sign the paperwork. The firm creation documentation needs to be signed by each shareholder in front of Meydan Free Zone Authority representatives. Without any delay, the Meydan free zone business license would be granted.


Meydan FZ is committed to helping companies of all kinds relocate to and expand in Dubai, a commercially vibrant city, by “creating an enabling environment for success.” Among the Dubai free zone company creation alternatives, this one has one of the best lists of benefits. Here we discussed important aspects of the Meydan free zone license.