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What is the Dubai Economy & Tourism Department (DET)?

Guiding growth and fostering business.

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is a key governmental entity steering the nation’s economic direction. DET Dubai advocates strategic sectors and offers services to promote the economy’s sustainable growth. Previously known as DET (Department of Economic Development), DET Dubai is the principal authority for initiating new businesses in Mainland Dubai, handling licenses, and overseeing all legal aspects of business establishment in Dubai. Business owners will need to register with DET Dubai only if they choose to set up their company in Mainland Dubai.

Often referred to as a Mainland, LLC, or Onshore license, the license has gained popularity as traditional restrictions eased, now permitting 100% foreign ownership. Establishing a business under DET offers numerous benefits.

What is a DET License?

Unleashing opportunities for business success

A Department of Economy and Tourism license is a legal document issued by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism that permits individuals and entities to engage in various commercial activities in Dubai. This license serves as a foundational prerequisite for conducting business in Dubai and is an integral aspect of the company formation process.

Benefits of setting up a DET company in Dubai

Ease of starting business

The DET promotes and facilitates starting a new business in Mainland Dubai.

Broad market research

Dubai offers entry to a varied and prosperous consumer base, positioning it as a prime hub for businesses aiming to amplify their presence.

Protection of intellectual property

Robust regulations in Dubai protect intellectual property rights, assuring that your innovative works are shielded.

Pool of talent

With its multicultural and highly educated population, Dubai supplies businesses with a wealth of proficient professionals across sectors.

Gateway to free zones

Establishing a DET company grants you passage to Dubai's numerous free zones, each tailored with distinct perks and benefits for particular industries.

Minimal or No Tax

Dubai’s taxation policies and benefits given to foreign ventures are some of the best in the world.

No limitations on the currency

Transact and charge your customers in any currency allowing for greater flexibility and ease of doing business internationally.

Audits are done for only some years

Depending on your business activities, audits do not need to be done every year. SetHub will guide you on the auditing process.

Capitals and profits are fully repatriated.

Enjoy zero red tape when it comes to repatriating your profits or capital gains back to your home country.

DET services in dubai

The Dubai Economic Department offers a wide range of services to support businesses, including:

Business registration

The DET facilitates the registration of businesses, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Commercial permits

It issues permits for various business activities, helping businesses get started quickly.

Trademarks & IP protection

DET offers services to protect brands and intellectual property rights.

Commercial complaint registration

The department assists in resolving commercial disputes through its dispute resolution services.

Economic data & reports

DET provides valuable economic data and reports to help businesses make informed decisions.

Consumer protection

It oversees consumer protection regulations and ensures businesses adhere to fair trade practices.

DET Services in Dubai

The services offered by Dubai Economy & Tourism Department (DET)
for businesses can be categorized into three main groups.

Commercial activities

With a commercial license, you can carry out the following activities in Dubai:
  • Communications and broadcasting.
  • Video and audio recordings.
  • Passenger transportation and car rental.
  • Brokerage business.
  • Trading and distribution of different products.
  • Theatres and cinemas.
  • Facility administration.
  • Rental services.
  • Postal service.
  • Buying and selling livestock.
  • Investment.

Industrial activities

With a commercial license, you can carry out the following activities in Dubai:
  • Manufacturing.
  • Machines and appliances.
  • Food processing.
  • Woodworking and wood products.
  • Steel fabrication.
  • Generation/Transmission of electricity.
  • Fabrication of textiles and products.
  • Production of petroleum products.
  • Motorcycles and replacement parts.
  • Chemical manufacturing.
  • Gold and precious stone cutting.
  • Garment and rug.
  • Ship construction.

Professional activities

With a commercial license, you can carry out the following activities in Dubai:
  • Accounting and finance consultancy.
  • Agriculture and soil consultancy.
  • Animal welfare society.
  • Forum of businesspeople.
  • Also, the business advisory council.
  • Management consultancy.
  • Business Advisory Council.
  • Facilities management organization.
  • Marketing and information.
  • Hospitals and rehab facilities.
  • Insurance consultancy.
  • Beauty salons.
  • Legal assistance.


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