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Obtaining a unique custom code for your import or export licence is the first, and arguably, one of the most critical steps in effective import/export management. For your company to import or export goods to Dubai, it is necessary to be registered with Dubai Customs, and this involves obtaining a code for the clearance of goods. To obtain this code, you must have a valid trading or commercial licence.

The process is straightforward. However, it is important at this stage to seek advice from a company formation specialist such as Set Hub, who can guide you through the entire process to understand the exact nature of your business and register with Dubai Customs, enabling you to dedicate more time to your business. A unique Customs Code will be assigned to you at the end of the process, which will remain valid until the expiration of your business licence, so you will need to renew it every year after obtaining your commercial licence.

The Set Hub panel of specialists can assist you in obtaining the customs client code along with other time-consuming administrative tasks necessary to establish your business. Reach out to the panel of industry specialists at Set Hub and book a free consultation to find out more about how they can help you obtain your customs client code. 

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