Business Incubators that provide support to start-ups in Dubai


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In recent times, Dubai has become a melting pot of startups across every industry imaginable. Cementing its reputation as a global startup hub, Dubai’s business landscape offers budding entrepreneurs an unmatched support network backed by an array of business incubators. If you are eyeing Dubai as the location for your new startup, this list of the top five business incubators in the region will catalyze your success!

1. Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (DTEC)

Located within Dubai Silicon Oasis, DTEC is the incubator of choice for many tech startups. DTEC offers affordable and flexible office solutions, backed by guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. DTEC also presents valuable networking opportunities with access to a community of tech enthusiasts.

In terms of funding, DTEC provides support by connecting you with investors and other funding sources. Its tailored incubation and acceleration programs help entrepreneurs put their plans in motion, along with a calendar full of tech-focused events to keep you on the ball at all times.

2. in5 Innovation Centres

In5 Innovation Centres has locations in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Design District, and Dubai Knowledge Park. in5 supports tech, design, and media startups through their Co-Working Spaces which provide creative environments designed to foster innovation. In addition, state-of-the-art Prototyping Labs with advanced facilities can help bring your ideas to life.

In terms of mentorship, in5 Innovation Centres offers direct access to industry experts. Regular pitch sessions are also arranged to help you secure potential investors as well. Some of their special programs include workshops, seminars, and networking events to help startups thrive.

3. Astrolabs

Headquartered within Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Astrolabs is the ideal choice for tech and digital startups, with office environments that are curated for tech entrepreneurs. You can expect the usual assistance in terms of business setup support, coupled with skill-building sessions in various aspects of tech and business. Astrolabs also hosts special programs that equip entrepreneurs with all the knowledge needed to expand into the Middle East region.

4. Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA)

DFA is the perfect fit if you are a startup seeking to address strategic challenges. Its location in the Emirates Towers allows you to work closely with government entities. You can also expect mentorship initiatives spearheaded by seasoned professionals along with access to potential investors and funding options. It is noteworthy that DFA offers a 9-week accelerator program designed to pilot new solutions.

5. FinTech Hive

FinTech Hive, operating out of the Dubai International Financial Centre caters to fintech, insurtech, and regtech startups. It is no surprise that you will be able to benefit from guidance from financial industry veterans. Together with its state-of-the-art office facilities in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, FinTech Hive will give you unparalleled access to major financial institutions.

In Conclusion,

These incubators are crucial components of Dubai’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing startups with the resources, mentorship, and networks they need to navigate the challenges of growth and scale. Whether you’re a tech visionary, a fintech pioneer, or a social impact entrepreneur, Dubai’s business incubators offer the support to help your startup flourish. If you need any assistance in making the right choice, feel free to schedule a call with SetHub. Our experts will help you make the right choice, amidst a sea of options present for you in Dubai.