Business ideas in Dubai for ladies: Top 10 Ideas


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Dubai has a worldwide reputation as a business hub, famed for its blockbuster buildings, low tax environment and work-hard, play-hard attitude. When many people consider doing business out here, however, they think it to be something of a man’s world.

The reality is far from the truth. Dubai is home to many female entrepreneurs and female-led companies. In fact, the Dubai government actively encourages and supports female entrepreneurs to set up in the emirate. So, if you’re looking to get started out here, this article details some of the best business ideas for ladies in Dubai.
We’ll cover:

  • Profitable business ideas for ladies in Dubai: Selection criteria
  • Recruitment agency
  • Educational consultant
  • Pet boarding
  • Vlogging
  • Social media management
  • Online tutoring
  • Art and crafts classes
  • Create online courses
  • Wedding consultant
  • Personal stylist

Profitable business ideas for ladies in Dubai: Selection criteria

There are many things to think about when setting up a business anywhere in the world. Here in Dubai, there may be a few extra factors to consider too.

In creating this list, we have taken the most important considerations into account. The following businesses are all easy to start with low set up costs. All can be comfortably run by one person, and they do not require a local sponsor.

Recruitment agency

Dubai is one of the liveliest economies on the planet. Thousands of new businesses start out here every year while thousands more look to expand and grow into new markets. To help them do this, Dubai’s businesses need a steady stream of competent employees.

As the cost of getting recruitment wrong can be severe, many companies turn to experts to match candidates to open roles. If you are skilled in this area, starting a recruitment agency is a great option.

Educational consultant

The UAE has one of the best education sectors in the Middle East, with colleges ranked among the world’s best. This, coupled with a high standard of living, makes the country a popular destination for students in higher education.

Many families living outside the UAE wish to send their children to college and university here. And they need expert help when making such a big decision. If you hold relevant education qualifications or have field experience, your guidance could be much needed.

Pet boarding

Dubai’s expatriate population has quickly turned it into an emirate of animal lovers. But these international residents face a problem. They are often out of the country on business or returning home to see family and friends.

That’s why pet boarding services are in such high demand out here. So, if you have a way with animals and the space and facilities to keep them happy and healthy, this is the business for you.


Vlogging has quickly transitioned from a hobby or side gig into a lucrative career option. Dubai provides the perfect backdrop to engaging videos, with incredible sights and sounds never far away.

You could vlog your way around the city, take your camera out to the dunes, or review the emirate’s incredible culinary fare. Whatever content you choose to create, attract enough viewers and you can monetise your channel through sponsorship and ads.

Social media management

Social media is the modern marketplace. It is no longer an option for businesses to operate without some level of online presence. However, many companies, particularly smaller ones, do not have the time or the skills to make a meaningful mark in the social realm.

If you have those skills, you may be able to attract a client base and start generating regular income with a social media management company.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring has been a viable business choice for a while now. But as the pandemic forced everything into the virtual world, this sector is bigger than ever.

There are plenty of potential options in terms of the services you can offer. You could teach a formal subject such as maths or science, a language, a musical instrument – or in fact, anything that anyone wants to learn. So, whatever your skills, there’s probably a market for you to pass them on.

Art and craft classes

Another option, instead of teaching, is to lead others in classes instead. Here you would act as the head of a workshop, guiding customers through a task. This could anything from jewellery or soap making to painting or sculpting.

To get this business up and running, you need little other than your skill. And you can run classes online or in person.

Create online courses

Perhaps you know what makes a great lesson but do not wish to teach. In this case, you could create course and lesson content instead. In this instance, you would write topics and subjects in the form of online tests and eBooks. You simply upload this content to an e-learning portal where learners will download it for a fee.

The beauty of this business is that after creating and uploading the content, it can become a passive income stream. As more learners find and download your content, your revenues increase without have to continually produce new courses.

Wedding consultant

Dubai is one of the world’s leading wedding destinations. And after the disruption of the past two years, it is currently seeing a significant boom. Of course, all brides and grooms want their wedding day to be as hassle-free as possible. That’s why many hire wedding consultants to ensure the day runs smoothly.

If you’re organised, assertive and like spending your time with happy couples, all you need to start a wedding consultant business is a license and customer or two.

Personal stylist

You may think that stylists are only in demand on film sets and music videos. But you’d be wrong. Here in Dubai, where dressing to impress is a favourite pastime, personal stylists are rapidly growing in popularity.

Once again, you need little to start this business other than an eye for style and the right trade license.

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