The Benefits of Freezone Company Setup for Foreign Investors in 2023


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Freezone business setup in Dubai

If you’ve been researching how to launch a business in Dubai, the chances are high that you’ve stumbled upon the term ‘free zone’. The other term you likely heard was Mainland, too. Together, these are the umbrella terms given to the main options available to entrepreneurs when launching their business in the UAE.

A ‘free zone’ represents a free trade zone in which entrepreneurs can launch their business, benefitting from special trading conditions exclusive only to the free zone itself. These conditions are positioned towards providing significant advantages to business owners looking to register their business in the zone, and are often shaped around competitiveness and offers available solely to the area.

In the UAE specifically, free zone business setup has been positioned towards stimulating economic investment from foreign parties. That in itself makes free zone business setup appealing to investors from across the world. 

As mentioned, there are also Dubai Mainland setup opportunities, which of course has its own benefits to entrepreneurs, too. However, for foreign investment, business setup in Dubai freezone is arguably one of the most appealing ways to start your business in the country.

Benefits of a freezone business in Dubai

There are many benefits of business setup in Dubai freezone for entrepreneurs from overseas. The market in Dubai continues to hold steady, and conditions remain favorable for foreign investment. 

If you’re a foreign investor looking to launch your venture in the city, free zone business setup provides flexible opportunities with a multitude of advantages. Some of the most notable advantages include:

  • Free zone businesses are foreign owner friendly. In fact, the conditions are set so that foreign investors are incentivised to invest in free zone regions. These zones are designed to encourage foreign investment.
  • 100% business ownership, even from abroad. If you are based abroad,  you can still launch your business in a free zone and own 100% of the company. You don’t need to hand over any stakes to local government – it’s just you, your business, and the opportunities of the freezone. 

One thing to note here, too: any profits you make are free to be repatriated to your country.

  • 0% Income Tax on your profits. One of the greatest appeals about launching a business in Dubai is the 0% income tax rate. Set up a business in a UAE free zone, and you’ll keep every penny.
  • There is an extensive network of free zone business owners. This has created a thriving market of competition, cooperation, and expertise. You’re not alone in a freezone – in fact, you open yourself up to opportunities for partnerships, and learning from other like-minded entrepreneurs around you.
  • Solid infrastructure and forward-thinking technology. Free zones are set up to be nimble, state of the art, and appealing to ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to leverage technology for their business. 


Launching a free zone business in Dubai

The obstacles facing overseas entrepreneurs to invest in a free zone business are purposely low. This is to create a seamless experience for foreign investors to take a step towards entrepreneurship. 

Are you looking to invest in a Dubai free zone from overseas? Let us help you on your journey, just as we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you before. 

Amongst the many benefits of setting up a free zone company in Dubai, there are the clear benefits of opening a UAE based bank account upon setup, and obtaining your residency visa, allowing you to be a resident in this incredible country.

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