Atlantis The Royal: Another Boost For Dubai Tourism


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In this article, you will learn about:

  • Atlantis, The Royal – Dubai’s Newest Ultra-Luxury Hotel
  • How The Royal Atlantis Dubai is a symbol of a roaring tourism trade
  • Opportunities available to entrepreneurs who tap into tourism trade

Atlantis The Royal

Dubai is a booming tourist destination, with over 13 million tourists soaking in the year-round sunshine throughout 2022. While it has always been home to the most iconic Atlantis The Palm, Dubai is now home to yet another luxury hotel: Atlantis The Royal. 

A luxury beach resort and sister hotel to the former, this new property is pushing the boundaries with design aesthetics as the next-gen ultra-luxury hotel, and has already experienced an incredible launch party with Beyonce as the headline act. 

The new iconic landmark of Dubai, Atlantis The Royal, is a 43-storey building designed by the world’s leading designers, architects, and artists. Rooms, Suites, and Signature Penthouses around the world are designed to promise absolute comfort and luxury. With picturesque views of the Arabian Sea and Palm Island, stays at this iconic resort effortlessly fuse stylish interiors with great outdoor lounge areas.

The Royal Atlantis Dubai is more than just the next big hotel in the city. It’s a symbol of a roaring tourism trade, which has bounced back from the negative effects of the Covid pandemic, and then some. With the amount of interest this new landmark is receiving currently, the positive knock ons to the overall economy cannot be understated. 

Dubai’s Newest Hotel

Atlantis The Royal

The hotel, which embodies luxury, has chosen some of the best chefs in the world to provide unmatched exceptional dining experiences, including Heston Blumenthal and José Andrés. In fact, there are 8 celebrity chefs with a role at the multiple restaurants on site, making it the home of culinary distinction. 

What relevance would that have for a business owner like you? Well, it creates a hum, and a buzz, around the city. It attracts even more people to the city, who will spend time in local restaurants, malls, and on the many beaches that Dubai has to offer.

So, if you’ve got a tuk tuk parked on JBR, or you own a restaurant on the Palm, landmark events like the launch of an ultra-luxury hotel in Dubai is as relevant to you as it is to anyone else. 

Business Opportunities Tourism

With the opening of Atlantis The Royal comes a wealth of opportunity for business owners in particular industries. This is certainly true for food and beverage options, looking to take advantage of swelling tourism figures in the city. 

As the Royal Atlantis Dubai looks to push boundaries, now is a good time to push yours. If you’re looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship, we have multiple years of experience setting up business ideas like yours and turning them into fully fledged business operations. 

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