How to apply for customs code for your import export license


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In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to know when it comes to customs codes for your import / export license.

The process is relatively straight-forward, but as always it’s advisable to work with a company formation specialist, who can walk you through the entire process, saving you valuable time – that you can then spend on what matters: running your company.

So let’s jump in.

What is a customs client code?

If you want to import or export goods to Dubai then your company must be registered with Dubai Customs – and that means obtaining a code for the clearance of goods. In order to obtain this code, your business must hold a valid trading (or commercial) license.

It’s important at this stage to seek advice to ensure that the exact nature of your business requires registering with Dubai Customs.

If you do intend to register with Dubai Customs, then the application is done online, and once your payment has been made and your application reviewed, you will receive your approval (providing everything is in order.)

From there, you will be allocated a unique Customs Code which remains valid until your business license expires. Your customs client code should be renewed annually (after you have renewed your commercial license).

The same portal is used if you are renewing or updating a client customs code.

Why is a customs client code required in the UAE?

In short, it’s the law. Your application should be submitted through the Dubai Trade Portal (www.dubaitrade.ae), after which a code is generated electronically once the application is reviewed and payment collected.

Documents required to apply for customs client code

As mentioned, a customs code can be obtained by submitting an application through Dubai Trade Portal. The following are the required documents:

  • Valid trade license
  • Passport copy
  • Undertaking letter

Steps to obtain a customs code

Obtaining a customs code can be broken down into several key steps. They are as follows:

  • Visit www.dubaitrade.ae and fill in the application for a customs code. You will also need to submit the following documents through the portal:
  • Copy of your trade license
  • Copy of your passport (and that of any partners)
  • Your phone number (and that of any partners)
  • On the portal, you can now register. Once your form has been sent, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Enter your admin username and password. Select the Mirsal 2 link and select new business registration. Now you can go through the final steps:
  • Business information
  • Facility information
  • User profiles
  • Required documents
  • Mirsal information
  • Finish registration and await your ‘new business code’

Working with company formation specialists

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