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In recent times, Dubai has seen exponential growth in its property market which is dotted with real estate projects composed of commercial spaces, towering skyscrapers, and gated communities. This has led to the role of a commercial broker becoming an integral part of the real estate market. Commercial brokers bridge the gap between property owners and prospective tenants, ensuring that their clients find the ideal space for themselves.

The process of buying, selling, or leasing a property in Dubai is an intricate process that is simplified by the commercial broker who ensures that all the necessary processes are streamlined. However, the process of becoming a commercial broker has its own set of intricacies, and this blog seeks to outline the steps involved.


Property Leasing and Sales

This service is all about brokering deals related to real estate properties. Clients are assisted in selling or leasing their office spaces, retail outlets, warehouses, or industrial facilities. They connect landlords with prospective tenants or buyers. When a company seeks to lease an office space in Dubai, they usually turn to a broker to find their ideal space.

Business Buyouts and Partnerships

Commercial brokers also engage themselves in deals related to the sale of businesses. This may include acquisitions or partnerships between different companies. An example of the same is when an entrepreneur is interested in buying a restaurant in Dubai and turns to a commercial broker to identify the best opportunities and eventually facilitate the transaction.

Franchise Acquisition

Dubai is no stranger to franchises. With an industry that is booming within the UAE, commercial brokers play a key role in the acquisition of franchise opportunities. They assist in identifying potential franchise brands, understanding franchise agreements, and navigating the legal requirements.

Commercial Investment Opportunities

Commercial brokers also strive to connect investors from around the world with investment opportunities in Dubai. They use their market expertise to share various investment options, such as commercial properties, development projects, or income-generating assets.


To legally operate as a commercial broker in Dubai, you must understand the comprehensive licensing requirements that are in place.

Here are the primary types of licenses that brokers might require:

Commercial Broker License

This license authorizes a firm to conduct commercial brokering activities, giving you legal status to operate as a commercial broker. To represent clients in commercial transactions, this license is essential.

Real Estate Broker License

To specialize in real estate transactions, you may require a Real Estate Broker License. This license is designed for those dealing with property leasing, sales, and more.

Business Broker License

The Business Broker License is essential if you seek to focus on business buyouts, partnerships, and franchise acquisitions. It permits the representation of clients seeking commercial ventures and opportunities.

Investment Broker License

For firms dealing with commercial investment opportunities, the Investment Broker License authorizes the representation of clients in financial and investment transactions.

Procedures and Prerequisites for Obtaining the Licenses

  • Select a structure for your brokerage firm, such as a sole establishment or Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • A Real Estate Brokerage Company must have full ownership by a UAE national
  • Your firm and its representatives must meet the qualifications required for licensing. This may include the completion of a real estate qualification course, a relevant university degree (economy, accountancy, or finance), and a minimum of three years of experience
  • Obtain a good conduct certificate issued by the Dubai police
  • Prepare for and pass the brokerage profession test

Renewal Processes, Periodic Compliance, and Inspections

Obtaining a license means that you must be up to date with renewals, compliance, and inspections to maintain the legal status of your license. The specifics of renewal, compliance, and inspections may change depending on the license and the nature of your brokering services.

In Conclusion,

Commercial brokers bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, guide entrepreneurs through the process of acquiring existing businesses, and facilitate the expansion of renowned franchise brands in this thriving metropolis of Dubai. When it comes to investment, they offer insights into opportunities that align with Dubai’s impressive growth. To do all of this legally, Commercial brokers must hold a valid license. If you seek to establish yourself as a commercial broker in Dubai, reach out to SetHub for expert guidance and end-to-end support throughout this exciting process.