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    Dubai Free Zone

    Set up your new venture in the world’s #1 & UAE’s Only Digital Free Zone.Springboard you growth through sophisticated strategies and technologies include in the free zone’s custom’build platfrom.You can benefit from:

    • One Investor Visa
    • Free Zone License approved by Mofa
    • Engage in up to 3 activities from 1,500+options
    • Enjoy 100% foreign ownership
    • Personal and corporate tax rates set at 0%
    • Free co-working space for 20hrs per month

    Dubai Mainland

    Operate your business across the UAE and internationally without any geographical restrictions. Benefit from increased flexibility by participating in a wider variety of activities and the opportunity to collaborate with local companies. You can benefit from:

    • Unlimited Visas
    • Secure office space anywhere in Dubai
    • 1,000+ business activities to choose from
    • Full repatriation of profits
    • Audits only for specific years
    • Personal income tax at 0%

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      Open a Corporate Bank Account

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      Open a Corporate Bank Account
      Open a Corporate Bank Account

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      Golden Visa Dubai 
      Golden Visa Dubai 

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      Golden Visa Dubai 
      Golden Visa Dubai 

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      Dubai Mainland:

      AED 21500 (Starting From)

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      Networking Opportunities

      Accelerated Business Setup

      Diverse Free Zone Options


      Comprehensive Support

      Strategic Office Locations

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      The business setup offers ISO 9001 quality assurance, 100% expat ownership, and includes a free lease agreement. It guarantees bank account opening and covers three business groups under one license. This transparent structure requires only government fees without any additional commissions.

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      Comprehensive Solutions to Enhance Your Online Presence and Drive Business Growth

      Logo And Business Card Designs

      Website Design & Development

      Payment Gateways Integration

      Social Media Management

      and much more additional services..

      Our Trusted Licensing Partners

      At SetHub, we collaborate with trusted licensing partners and authorities, ensuring our values of transparency and customer centricity are upheld. Our partnerships are carefully selected to enhance your business setup experience with reliable and efficient service.

      Meydan Free Zone offers premium amenities, guaranteed bank accounts, diverse business activities, and flexible office solutions near Dubai International Airport.

      SHAMS offers a dynamic media business environment with 0% tax, 100% foreign ownership, and up to 12 visas on a shared desk.

      SPC, the first free zone for print and publishing, offers 1,500+ licensing options, dual licenses, and a supportive ecosystem for publishing, IT, and e-commerce businesses.

      Established in 2005, FCC offers advanced digital infrastructure and telecom connectivity, ideal for diverse sectors, near the Port of Fujairah and Fujairah International Airport.

      Setup company in uae

      DET oversees Dubai’s economic and tourism development, streamlining business setup, licensing, and marketing, guiding businesses to align with the city’s growth objectives.

      How to Set Up Your Company in Dubai

      At Set Hub, we make the process easy. We speed up your documentation process and offer support in finding the perfect office space. With us, you have a single, hassle-free solution for all your company setup needs.


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      Setup your new company
      Business Setup Services Dubai
      General trading license cost in UAE
      General trading license cost in UAE
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      Setup your new company
      Business Setup Services Dubai
      General trading license cost in UAE
      General trading license cost in UAE

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      Don’t just take our word for it. Discover how we’ve empowered businesses with seamless setups and visionary growth.

      Setup your new company in Dubai

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      The assistance for my visa renewal was outstanding! I got all information in due time, they checket all documents and forms i filled to make sure they've been accepted right away and i got my renewal in 1 week all together. Special kudos to Sudhish for hi patience and dedication. Ihighly recomended Set Hub.

      ~Carmen Ratilio

      Thank you Shaumik Saha for the outstanding customer service you provided as Renewals Manager. Your understanding of my company’s needs and swift delivery of the solution I was seeking truly exceeded my expectations. For small businesses like mine, this level of customer service is not just useful but absolutely necessary. Thank you for your dedication and expertise..

      ~~ Hema Laxman

      Reliable company, got the job done well for the fair price without any hidden costs. Special thanks to Judianna for great communication and timely updates throughout the whole process!

      ~~ Victoria Mitchenko

      Setup your new company in Dubai

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